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Apart from the detection of snooping camera, it also notifies the user if someone else tries to unlock the mobile phone. It is a great app for the security of privacy, data, pictures, videos and other files of the mobile phone. Compatibility: iOS Here comes another app for iOS devices which can protect you from being spied or filmed at private places visited by different people regularly.

It has a spy bug detector for finding out the presence of a hidden electronic device like microphone, recorder, camera, spy bugs, etc.

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However, for using it you need to buy its subscription. But, that money will not go waste for sure. It will secure your life from being spoiled for sure. All you need to do is to download and install the application and get yourself registered. Pay the amount and start scanning the place where you are feeling insecure. This app will definitely help you from being recorded unknowingly. Compatibility: iOS Now, let us go for this versatile camera detector app which is specialized in detecting the hidden camera. It uses the camera and flashlight of the smartphone to scan the room and check it out.

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It is also supported by the GPS system to locate the suspected spy cameras. So, if you are visiting any public place and using its private spaces like washroom, trial room, etc. Just install this app and scan the place using it. Compatibility: iOS As the name suggests, this app is used for the detection of paranormal activities around you.

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Since it detects the magnetic fields, so you can use it to detect the camera as well. However, it is mainly used for entertainment and fun making purpose i. If you are interested in such things, then you can have an adventurous time with this app. It also enables the user to see frightening things like evil presence and ghosts to see using the application. It is featured with a GPS navigation system which can be used to track the camera option. You can easily detect a fixed speed camera, ANPR camera, traffic light, mobile camera and another such type of camera activity using this app.

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It comes with a complete package to be used for the detection of cameras. However, you need to go for a paid subscription for availing all its features and services. You can also configure your settings to get the app as desired. Compatibility: iOS, Android This is a very powerful app for the detection of a hidden camera in private places.

It works on the principle of detecting magnetic activity using its magnetic sensors and the presence of infrared rays to find out the camera. Ranging from a pinhole camera to infrared camera, all type of cameras can be detected by using this app. Use it smartly for proper detection and save yourself from a tragedy of being filmed.

It is another popular and best hidden camera detector app for iPhone and Android users. Your privacy will be protected from spy camera and hidden lenses by using this application. It is also used to easily trace the disguised camera lens which might be present within the room. By using this application, you can stay secured from any embarrassing moments.

This is one of best spy and hidden camera detector apps for Android and iOS devices. Infrared and pinhole cameras can also be detected by using this application. You can make use of this application in two distinct ways. You can scan the hidden cameras though Magnetic sensors to analyze the magnetic activity. Or you can enable the Infrared Detectors mode to find the Infrared cameras. They are also used as a Spy Bug Detector.

Even the hidden electronic devices are also detected by using this application. You can also find a microphone, spy bugs, hidden cameras, smartphone and many others from this application. Please install this application and stay secure. SpyMyFone is the best spy camera app that helps in automatic data collection every four hours without the need of any additional software and application being installed.

The app is highly productive as ithelps in recording messages, call logs, notes, Whatsapp information, and many more from onedeviceto the other. Spy cams are not only used by the investigators on the private level, suspectingpartners, and police officers, rather these cameras are used for various purposes throughout the world for their special mode of functioning.


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These can be used in daily life activities like jobs, entertainment, recreation, and many more. Simply for leisure, the camera aids in bird watching and also in prank videos that can be posted on the social video sharing platforms. Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. You should consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it.

SpyMyFone cannot be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can SpyMyFone provide legal advice regarding the use of the Software.

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Things to know about hidden Spy camera A hidden spy camera is a wireless gadget that transmits a video signal in a bound radius to the receiver. Why spy camera is so important? Eslibai Hidden Camera Description- It spy cam is mini hidden spy camera. Hueliv P Portable Wireless Nanny Cam Description- The portable Hueliv spy cam provides great stability while taking images and recording videos with its in-built motion sensor functioning.

Fuvision hidden spy camera Description- The spy camera comes with a P resolution and has a long lasting standby power capability of hours once it is fully charged. Cons Only for video capturing. Poetele hidden camera Description- Poetele hidden camera comes with a P high definition recording capability that gives the sharpest images possible during night. User-friendly Application Recording possible while gadget is put on charge.

Cons Micro SD not included.