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It's noticeable, as it is on the iPhone 6S, but, as we'll find out, ends up earning its place as an addition. The 5.

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It makes it very shiny indeed, though, almost mirror-like in the sun, and an absolute fingerprint hoover, so you'll spend half your day buffing it on your sleeve. But you'll want to, as the screen is a star, a x resolution at pixels per inch and vibrant and punchy for films and games. It's absolutely massive, but that's great — the need to turn to a tablet is becoming less and less.

The new 3D Touch screen input, at time of trying, had only been adopted by Apple's own apps, yet the potential to change the way we interact with our handsets is still clear to see. It's a cross between the Apple Watch's "Taptic" feedback and Samsung's Hover, giving you another menu layer with its own interactions if you push slightly into the screen, with physical feedback to boot. Put a small amount of pressure on an app or item and it will preview a smattering of contextual info or options, which you can then jump to with a bit more force from your finger, or just opt out, occasionally saving you a fair bit of time.

It takes a small while to attune to its benefits and not constantly try and delete all your apps, but it soon becomes second nature. This is best when already in apps: glancing at emails without opening them, checking web link content in messages, assessing map directions in shop websites and viewing album track listings before playing. Pushing down the virtual keyboard to create a trackpad-style cursor to fly around your documents is already a thing we can't imagine not having.

Less habit-forming is 3D Touch 'Quick Actions' on the home screen, which in theory jump to most-used app functions while you're not actually in the app, but whose animations end up taking about the same time in practice.

It's a nice idea but needs speeding up, or used for harder-to-access functionality at least. As you'd expect for an annual update, performance has been tweaked throughout on the iPhone 6S Plus. It's quite the performer. Over both 4G and EE internet loading times are noticeably swifter than last year's class, while FaceTime calls to the US over Wi-Fi are like the recipient is sitting next to you — particularly impressive as transatlantic chinwags was something the iPhone 6 seemed to struggle with.

If Android handsets always ace raw specs, Apple remains happy with harmonising its tech advancements. The M9 co-processor is now always running, which means no holding down buttons to get the Siri digital assistant to help out — you just say 'Hey Siri' and off you go. It can do an increasing number of contextual functions just from you asking, from bringing up photos based on dates or places if your geotagging is up to date, to setting reminders based on operations or locations.

Asking your phone to do things still feels a little silly in public, but at home, it can be handy. What's most impressive is that despite the boosted power, constant co-processor and spied 1,mAh battery slightly smaller than last year's model , the iPhone 6S Plus is as reliably long-lasting as before. We find we have to charge around every 30 hours on regular use, which for us is very good for a heavy load of writing, editing, web browsing, social networking, photographing, video watching, gaming, and a bit of Siri testing thrown in.

It takes a couple of hours to charge it back up again, too. Its reliable, too, knocking out mail updating and a few minor features to extend what would be 2 hours of use to a more comfortable 6.

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You may well have downloaded the newly launched iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad already — and, if so, no doubt have an opinion on its new font — but the operating system's tweaks and touches are more subtle than ever. But with extended use, they bring themselves to the forefront, an iCloud Drive app on your home screen here with Google Drive and Dropbox sync , a direct-call contact button there. Once installed, it will run in the background without any evidence. The data is uploaded to your online web account. You can view usage and activity reports from your web account. Simply log in to your Web Control Panel and start spying text messages, call logs, GPS location and any other activities taking place on the target iPhone.

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